The Future of Sustainable Energy

A mini-film about The Future of Sustainable Energy, a study by Coppieters Foundation whose purpose is to identify the political obstacles to the transition to green energy in Europe. The authors hope the outcome of the research will guide European regions in the development of their energy policies and better equip them with expertise on regional best practices, as well as on how to avoid repeating past errors.

Illustration of a factory with a large smoking chimney next to a farm
Illustration of a young couple talking
Looped animation of a hand playing with a small ball
Illustration of several rocks over a tiny plant
Illustration of two empty lecterns and a newspaper on the floor
Looped animation of a flying bill cut by scissors with a government building in the background
Illustration of a light bulb on and a small plant inside it
Animation in loop of a politician with businessmen with chimney heads in the background
Illustration of a small ball hitting rocks and transforming them into blue abstract objetcs
Animation in loop of various hands assembling a jigsaw puzzle
Illustration of a beautiful farm with different buildings and