Illustration of a snowboarder jumping

This is the page of random stuff. You know, designs and animations made during my spare time or rescued from the pitch graveyard. Some rare, some fun. I’ll try to keep this corner updated with new things.

Enjoy it!

Illustration of a badass Santa Claus
Animation in loop of a woman dancing samba with two maracas
Illustration of a woman's fist
Looped animation of a guy extremely bored
Illustration of Miles Morales as Spider-man
Illustration of a woman leader, an scientist and a farmer
Animation in loop of a boy head transforming into a man head
Illustration of various little crops
Illustration of an abstract letter K made of tubes
Walk cycle animation of a character dressed up as a tiger
Illustration of the letter A
Illustration of the Back to the Future's hoverboard symbolizing the letter B
3D illustration of the letter C
Illustration of Doraemon, the cosmic cat, symbolizing the letter D
Illustration of a hand holding a flying disc with quotation marks engraved on it
Illustration with four different icons
Animation in loop of a logotype
3D illustration of the letter F
3D illustration of a neon lamp symbolizing the letter H
Illustration of the letter L made of leaves
Illustration of a hand holding an earth globe
Illustration of a lighthouse
Vector illustration of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain
Animation in loop of the main character of the Blacksad graphic novel